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Exclude Filter for Stories in a top-level release plan.

Yvonne Dubreuil (133) | asked Nov 08 '10, 8:38 a.m.
In our RTC world, we have hundreds of people organized into a tree organization of teams. Our planning items consist mainly of Features with children Stories and Stories have children Tasks as execution items. This works great for the release plans from the bottom few layers of our team organization. For the top couple of layers of our team organization, I only want to show the Feature planning items. It takes too long to load the stories and you get errors about their being too many items. I don't really need to be at the story level when I am trying to determine what features the organization is delivering for a release.
Is it possible to add an Exclude Stories filter to RTC
I do not want to make the Story an execution item, since at the smaller team view it is definitely a planning item. The features are filed against different teams so I can't exclude sub-team items either.

Any help would be very much appreciated.

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