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Import a process authored by Rational Method Composer

James Labrie (18123818) | asked Jun 23 '10, 7:55 a.m.

I want to import a process authored by RMC.
I found following information.

But I could not understand well.

Could anyone let me know the detailed steps?
(I want the explanation step by step)

Also please let me know following thing.

What contents in RTC are affected after a process authored by RMC is imported?
e.g. Roles in RMC affect roles in RTC, Tasks or Work Products in RMC affect WorkItems in RTC, and so on.

I guess following things in RTC are affected.
Timelines, Role, Permissions, Operation Behavior, Dashboards, Planning, WorkItems and so on.


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Sean G Wilbur (87222421) | answered Jun 24 '10, 9:32 a.m.

First thing to note, those links are a bit out of date, in the current RTC 2.x client you can no longer import entire process templates directly now it is only possible to import the delivery process' as Work Item Templates, the remainder would simply be published in parallel and could be linked to as documentation of the process.

For an updated view of the RTC/RMC world check out this article with video demos:


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