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API: Link a IChangeSetHandle with a IWorkItem before deliver

Hou Liang Zheng (3653) | asked Apr 29 '10, 3:47 a.m.
as the title, how to Link a IChangeSetHandle with a IWorkItem before delivering.

workspaceConnection.commit(changeSet, Collections.singletonList(workspaceConnection.configurationOpFactory().save(file)), monitor);

// how to Link a changeSet with a IWorkItem here

// deliver the changes to the stream
IChangeHistorySyncReport sync =
workspaceConnection.compareTo(streamConnection, WorkspaceComparisonFlags.CHANGE_SET_COMPARISON_ONLY, Collections.EMPTY_LIST, monitor);

workspaceConnection.deliver(streamConnection, sync, Collections.EMPTY_LIST, sync.outgoingChangeSets(myComponent), monitor);

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Hou Liang Zheng (3653) | answered May 05 '10, 1:04 a.m.
the result is:

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