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JCC driver version

Jason Bevans (622) | asked Jan 12 '10, 5:05 p.m.

I am posting in hopes that someone can help answer some questions that I have. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post.

A bit of background on server setup:

2 Server configuration


- WebSphere Application Server
- Multiple WebSphere profiles

Server 2:

- DB2 Enterprise Server Edition 9.5 fixpack 3a
- Multiple DB2 instances

We started to notice that when some RTC instances became unavailable there were javacore and heapdump files present in the corresponding WAS profile directories. We sent the files off to WAS support for them to analyze. Here is their response:

The javacore does indicate you are running into a Java heap "Out of Memory" issue. The javacores show that the heap is fully expanded to the max size (-Xmx), and that there is not free space left for object allocation.

However, analysis of the heapdumps show a possible leak in the JCC
component "com/ibm/db2/jcc/t4/i".

On profile1, 801,036,864 bytes (76%) of the heap is being used by this
code. On profiles2, 1,288,466,352 bytes (79%) are consumed.

I researched this for know issue, and did find the following:


At this point, I recommend upgrading to v9.5 Fixpak 4 (s090429) to
resolve the issue.

After viewing the above link I started to poke around, here is what I noticed:

The link and WAS support mentioned that the DB2 client should be upgraded - this is a mute point since we do not have it installed - however I expanded this to the jcc driver RTC uses.

In RTC the db2jcc.jar file can be found in

In RTC the db2jcc.jar file can be found in

In both RTC versions the version of the jcc driver being used is 3.53.70.

I then determined that the version jcc driver included in DB2 fixpack 4 is 3.53.95.

Given the above information my question is: Can I replace db2jcc.jar in both and with the latest version that comes with DB2 fixpack 4?

If this is not a viable solution, my second question is: Will the next version of RTC include an updated version of the jcc driver?

Thank you again for taking the time to read this post.

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