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ETM (RQM) Content Length for GET Requests

Michael Mark (261) | asked Jan 24, 6:51 p.m.


I would like to create a progress bar in my C# program to show the time it is taking to load the content (depending on the bytes), however, after playing with the Http Responses from the GET requests from the ETM Reportable REST API, it seems like the Content-Length is missing.  This would make implementing the progress bar much more difficult for me if I were to continue this endeavor.  I'm actually performing on GET on multiple items sometimes, so the full request takes 5-10 seconds to load at certain times..

Anyway, could anyone confirm the fact that IBM does not contain the header 'Content Length' for GET requests?  Also, if anyone has come across a similar problem, any information would be very helpful.

Thanks a lot,

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