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Problem running 'lscm load'

Ibuki Maniwa (11) | asked Jan 23, 8:58 p.m.

 version: RTC 5.0.2

'lscm load' does not work sometime while using rtc2git, a third party tool to migrate code and history from RTC to Git repository.

I understand a question related to a third party tool may not be appropriate to be asked in this forum but looks like the issue is about scmtools itself rather than the tool.

What basically the tool does is described as below:

  1. It initalizes an empty git repository and clones it
  2. In this repository, it loads a newly created (which will be set to the oldest baseline possible) or existing rtc workspace
  3. The baseline of each component of a given stream is determined
  4. For each baseline a compare command will be executed
  5. The result of the compare will be parsed to get to the necessary commit-information (such as author, comment, date)
  6. The change will be accepted in the workspace
  7. The corresponding git command will be executed to do the same change in the git-repository

Currently, I'm trying to migrate about 1000 histories and at times (about 1 in 100, frequency may different among attempts) 'lscm load' looks like failed and changes are not loaded into local repository.

However, when look at the eclipse client, it seems all desired histories are accepted in a workspace correctly and moreover, even those failed histories can be loaded individually without problem.

Does 'lscm load' have potential issue or is there any way to fix this?

Ralph Schoon commented Jan 24, 2:29 a.m.

Some issues:

  1.  5.0.2 is long out of support
  2. There is no information in the question that provides any information about potential problems and what the problem is

Ibuki Maniwa commented Feb 14, 6:38 a.m.

 Thank you for your response,

The problem what I have is,
The tool repeats automatically the process of accepting changesets to a workspace and loading them to a local repository for each of them so that it can collect the diffs between one changeset to another. In this process, sometimes 'lscm load' does not load any change of a changeset while it seem to be correctly accepted in the workspace therefore it is supposed to be loaded.

the executed lscm commands on the process are as follows:
lscm accept --verbose --overwrite-uncommitted --accept-missing-changesets --no-merge --repository-uri https://jazz:<port>/ccm/ --target WORKSPACE --changes CHANGESET_ID
lscm load -r https://jazz:<port>/ccm/ WORKSPACE --force

Ralph Schoon commented Feb 14, 8:35 a.m.

Sorry, the only hint I can provide is to see, if there is any way to detect something is not working as you desire and do a retry or deeper analysis, why this could happen. 

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