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RQM Permissions -> Re use artifacts

vinitha dsouza (14718109) | asked Apr 14 '23, 7:48 a.m.
Dear team,

i have few questions on what is ibm thinking on RQM Re-use of artifacts.
i have structure with platform project  and customer project.
our usecase is as name suggest platform, which means customer projects are based on the platform( this happens in whole V model like requirements, model, testcases)

Now my questions, what is IBM approach for such usecases?

in my structure i have created simple setup ->
 1 platform component with 1 Testcase owned by platform team area with 1 stream for performing changes.

and above Test case is baseline for multiple releases.

Now Customer project would like to pick one of the baseline and add customer related tcs i.e
Total Testcases: Platform testcases + Customer specific testcases.

here multiple usecases can happen like some Testcases of platform are re-executed, some are directly taken one to one and some are changed.

To map this , i have taken branch and pick the relevant artifacts using Merge operations.

But this fails , due to fact that customer project team has seperate team and platform testcases which are to be  merged owned by platform team area.

Unfortunately:  i cannot add customer project members in the platform team this could cause modification of platform testcases and still want to re-use (version based not copy).

Please help approach which i should use here to achieve this usecase?

One more query :
is there anything planned like SCM kind of permissions to RQM as well, i mean
SCM Streams control the permission and there is no artifact level permission.
but in RQM permission are project area level and to artifact level and make such merging hard in cases of re-use.
would have been good, Permissions are controlled at Stream level

David Honey commented Apr 14 '23, 9:48 a.m.

Configuration-based read access control for ELM was considered a few years ago but is currently unplanned work. You should ask IBM product management if you want an official statement about this.

vinitha dsouza commented Apr 18 '23, 12:18 a.m.
But is there any way, that i can use current system to fit my usecase.
was there any thought process done for ETM, on such a scenario like platform TCs to Customer TCs

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