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Any API call available to check if there are any relationship links added to an artifact after certain time by querying the history of the artifact?

Mi Meh (111) | asked Oct 10 '22, 10:41 a.m.

We queried the rm history API call and noticed that in the history response inside the changelogs, rrm modified changes when link is added after specific time. So, is there any API call which can help us to fetch only those links which are changed after a specific time? I have attached the response for clarity:

                        <rrm:title>Create link</rrm:title>                        <rrm:about>https://doorsng702db:9443/rm/cm/changeset/_C9okYkiBEe2DAqxva_WoFw</rrm:about>
                    <history:changeOrigin history:changeEvent="ARTIFACT">
                        <rrm:title>118631: 10th Oct</rrm:title>
                    <history:changeEntry history:changeEvent="LINK" history:eventType="ADDED">
                        <rrm:title>Parent Of</rrm:title>
                        <history:value type="string">57453: Test Module Vis</history:value>

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