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Is there any API to fetch the artifact URL after it is deleted.

G C (4911) | asked May 05 '22, 2:48 a.m.

 Hello ,

An artifact URL will be as below 

Once the artifact is deleted, its URL changes(core url) as below when fetch through audit history.

Is the any API which gives core url when we pass artifact url and vice verssa

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Diana Kraaijeveld (57727) | answered May 05 '22, 3:10 a.m.
let me explain the difference about the 2 URL's you reference:

In the first URL: https://server:port/rm/rm/resources/BI_Slhkglkhfdfdsthe, the resource UID starts with BI. This represents a module binding. This is an artifact inside a module.

In the second URL https://server:port/rm/rm/resources/TX_fgjgjfkdgsdahsala, the resource UID starts with TX. This represents a base artifact, In this case a text artifact. The base artifact is the artifact that owns all the attributes and artifact text.

When you create a new artifact in a module, it will always also create a base artifact, At that point you have both the BI_... and the TX_.. artifacts.

So when you deleted the artifact in the module, you only deleted he binding 'BI_Slhkglkhfdfdsthe',but not the base artifact 'TX_fgjgjfkdgsdahsala'.

As far as updated attributes and artifact text in the audit history is concerned, the base artifact will show the same updates, because these are owned by the base artifact. The module binding only holds the reference to the base artifact. So if you are looking for the  artifact text or attribute info, you can also look at the base artifact, because they will be the same. Only links and comments can be specific for the module binding.

In other words: If you would add back the base artifact to the module, it would have the same properties and content as before, but it would be missing any links you created for it from within the module.

If you need to know, for example, who deleted the artifact from the module and when, the only way I know is to capture the vvc revisions, usin the following URL (you must add the stream as well):


So in your example:

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