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Publishing Engine - Data Source for "Configure and generate Document"

Yannick Krauer (11) | asked Aug 19 '21, 2:50 a.m.

Hi everyone

Im new to the PublishingEngine and with no Support you can imagine my struggle :)

I have a Template and im trying to generate the Document with the correct data. Right now, my URL/filepath isnt specific enough, which results in getting to much data that i don't want in the Document.

Configuration as of now:

Data Source Schema: 
DNG Text

Document Specification configuration:

This spills out everything from the Project. What i want is the data which is in the folderpath "\glossary\Abbreviations"

I tried to play arround with the query parameters from but the Engine just cancelled the generation of the Document because i didnt get the parameters right.

I hope i was able to explain my problem properly and i hope to get some ideas, how i can steer to the folderpath with the query parameters (or different solutions).

Thx in advance and have a great day!

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HuaXiao Jiang (434) | answered Nov 16, 10:15 p.m.
I think we can take a look at the official documents first, although I don't think they are very useful. After all, now a basic data source URI is the fundamental.
I also tried to generate the content of the Module myself before: the DNG Moudle.dta input URI provided by the system can directly output the content. However, if you customize the document, even if the structure is the same, but the data source mode is reinserted, an mrking will be displayed directly_ Copy.doc

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Chris Hardy (314) | answered Nov 17, 12:27 a.m.
Just a quick note. 
You cant report directly on folders.
I'd suggest trying to use 
        artifact type or 
        a view that contain all the contents of those folders.

For Artifact type use the following as the data source:

For View use:

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