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RTC / EWM: How do I get the current user name?

Franca Zober (153) | asked May 05, 9:59 a.m.

having spent hours trying to make this work reading a lot of answers to similar questions also in this forum, I still cannot get it done. Mainly I am stuck on three points, and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction:

1) Main point: How do I get the current user name?

loggedIn =;
I can successfully get the current user's ID. What I would like to get is the name (as one can see when selecting in a contributor field).

2) As I read it in different answer from years ago, at least back then it was not possible to return above itemId in a script used for a calculated field in order to alter a custom contributor attribute. Is this still the case? No chance to set a contributor field with a calculated value script?

3) Where can I find the reference/specification for above used get-Authenticated...-method? I do have the "Jazz Client API Specification" but that so it seams does not cover*

Thanks in advance for your helpful comments!


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