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DOORS Reviews

Dave Evans (1342032) | asked Feb 13, 9:02 a.m.

Now that our project is using CM with DOORS, I would love to see reviews of changesets very similar to how RTC reviews work. I LOVE the functionality of RTC code reviews. If we could link DOORS changesets to a work item, and click to open a review of all combined linked changesets, I'd be in heaven... The tool would show each module (or base artifact if not included in a module) changed just like RTC reviews show each file. When  you click the module, it would display the redlines. For almost all of our changes, they are in the context of a module... so a redlines view showing the module context would be hugely beneficial. Do any of the Jazz Developers know if we are leaning this way?

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Jessica Collyer (442) | answered Feb 14, 9:34 a.m.

 David --

There is an option to link the DNG change set to a work item in RTC -- to do this, just click the name of the CS (do not switch to it), and then you'll see in the top right corner a link with a plus symbol. 

Unfortunately, I dont think there's a way to link artifacts to a CS. I currently use DNG 6.0.3, and there is a bug in it that prevents you from seeing the artifacts within the CS.  I'm not sure what version you are using, but if you are within the CS (the details...not the DNG view) there should be a tab called "effected artifacts" or something of that sort. I should have version 6.0.6 soon, and I am excited to see this functionality.

If you want to see the redlines, you can "compare to a stream" and this would let you see the redlines by artifact and those that happened in a module. This has become my favorite feature of CM. To access this, click the drop down arrow in the top right corner next to the CS name, and on the right side select "Compare with stream". You can also compare stream to stream, and baseline to baseline /stream if desired using this same feature.

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