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Upgrade CLM 5.0.1 to CLM with CLM and DB2 version compatibility

sayo singh (171) | asked Nov 07 '19, 1:19 a.m.

 Hi All,

We want to perform the upgradation of CLM 5.0.1 to CLM
Below are current configuration of CLM 5.0.1:
CLM version : 5.0.1
CLM OS : Win 2008 R2
DB2 version : V 10.1

We want to upgrade the CLM 5.0.1 to CLM application and DB2 :
what the best possible approach to do it?
Which upgrade we need to do first ? 1. OS upgrade 2. CLM Upgrade
Is CLM is support win 2008 R2 and DB v10.1 
what are the OS and DB@ compatibility of this upgradation process?

Please provide the suitable approach to do the upgradation of the same with best practice.

Thanks in Advance.


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