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Creating a Defect Reopen Count report using Jazz Report Builder

Reju George (613) | asked Apr 09 '19, 3:37 p.m.
edited Apr 09 '19, 4:34 p.m.


         Firstly, I am a brand new user to Jazz Report Builder. I was trying to create a custom report where I was trying to find the number of times a defect has been reopened. We have custom statuses of defects in RTC. So when a defect is ready for system test, the defect status is "Ready for ST". Once the tester passes the defect, the defect is moved to "Ready for IT" which is ready for integration test. A reopen means the defect moved to the "Open" status from "Ready for ST" or from "Ready for IT". 
For eg:. 
Scenario 1. A defect failed integration test, this means the defect went through "Ready for ST"->"Ready for IT"->Open
In the above case reopen count is 1.
Scenario 2. A defect failed system test, got a fix, retested and passed in system test but then failed in integration test is "Ready for ST"->"Open" -> "Resolved" -> "Ready for ST"->"Ready for IT"->Open
In the above case reopen count is 2.

I tried to use the "Custom Trends for Work Item Status" amongst some other reports of type "Historical Trends" but just could not get the mechanism to count the change in status as mentioned above. I could not find a relevant help in the jazz help. Is anyone familiar with this and help in pointing to some documentation that can help me achieve this? Appreciate your time in looking into this.


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