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RTC Attribute Customization : How to create a text name display for a dynamic hyperlink

Jazzuser user (681050) | asked Mar 18 '19, 3:56 a.m.
Hello All,

I have a scenario wherein, I need to create a text name display for a dynamic hyperlink.
E.g. : Instead of populating the entire hyperlink, i need to use the text "Click Here".

If this hyperlink is hardcoded without having the current workitemID then i can easily use the "Default Values Attribute" Customization and get my work done as this gets populated without any issues.
like this: {{Hardcoded hyperlink | text name to display}}

But now in my case i need this dynamic appending of the current workitem in the end and then populate this formed hyperlink to the attribute value.
So I have used :
Attribute Type : Medium HTML
Attribute Customization : Calculated Values (This script gets the workitem using WorkItemAttributes.ID and I append to the hyperlink end and return to the attribute)

But the entire hyperlink is displayed, which is not so informative to the user, instead it should display "Click Here".

Are there any possibilities of doing this ?
I already tried with Default Values "Script Based Default Provider", but on creation of new workitem the id is -1 and post creation with a valid id, hyperlink is not getting updated.

Could you please suggest me on this.
Thanks in advance.

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