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How can I order or restore actifacts (data) sort in a module in function to "SECTION" column in a DOORS Next Gen (V6.0.6)

Didier BRAMBAN (1116) | asked Nov 15 '18, 5:41 a.m.

1- I imported requirements from CVS files in a module, data were hierachized by using parentBinding column.

2- All information were uploaded and displayed correctly in the table in DNG. When I edited the module, data displayed correctly and was sorted in function the hierarchy established by CVS files. In addition, the sort was checked by using the "SECTION" column

3- Then in DNG I sorted the table in the module by selecting descending ID column

How to proceed to sort data in a DOORS Next Gen (v6.0.6) module in fonction "SECTION" column?

I remain that the "SECTION" column contains the correct hierarchy information, but the header is NOT SELECTABLE

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Adrian Haw (2741241) | answered Nov 15 '18, 8:07 a.m.
Hi Didier

If I understood your situation correctly, click on the ID column 2 more times.

The column labels will automatically sort when you click on them. On first click they sort ascending, on second click they sort descending and on 3rd click the sort is switched off again.

You can see if the column is sorted because there is a small icon on the right side of the column with the attribute name (upwards arrow, downwards arrow) and if no arrow there is no sort on that column.

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