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Does selecting DNG module view a 2nd time change the resulting display of artifacts and columns?

Michael Laurendi (105439) | asked Jul 30 '18, 3:56 p.m.
Is anybody having a problem with clicking on a module view a 2nd time and getting all artifacts with only ID and Contents columns?

The first time I click on a view -- does not matter if I select a Shared View or a Personal View -- I get all the view columns and the number of artifact rows, typically less than the total artifacts in the module depending on the filter criteria. However, if I click on the same view again, I get all artifacts only two columns: ID and Contents.

DNG version 6.0.5, no Global Configuration.

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My-An Nguyen (2963) | answered Jul 30 '18, 4:54 p.m.

Usually, when you click the same view a second time, you are "de-selecting" the view and going back to the default view (i.e. 2 columns, no filters).

When this happens, you should see the following indicators:
- The view you had selected is no longer highlighted
- There is no longer a "box" on top of the module viewport that says "View: <name of selected view>"

Is this what you are seeing?

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Michael Laurendi commented Jul 31 '18, 10:03 a.m.

Yes, that is what I am seeing. When I click a third time, I get the view again. Thank you for your help My-An.

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