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DNG or JRS: How to find orphan artifacts?

Koak Lodge (156110) | asked Jul 04 '18, 5:53 a.m.
edited Jul 04 '18, 5:55 a.m.

In DNG or JRS, how do I find all artifacts that are not used in a module (what I’m calling “orphan”)? In DNG you cannot filter on the “Used in Modules” column. In JRS, if I specify for an artifact type the “Does not exist” option for a trace relationship of "Used By", I get a list of all base artifacts of that type. I don’t see any relevant Condition options in JRS. Any ideas?

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Adrian Haw (2741141) | answered Jul 20 '18, 8:29 a.m.
In DNG you can go to a base artifacts folder and filter on "Where Used" then go for 'is not any of' and browse to select all the modules (I know, I know - it is inconsistent with the attribute name "Used in modules" - it's a 'feature'). The display now shows which artifacts are not in any of the selected modules.

Rohini Kumar commented Jul 23 '18, 1:57 a.m.

  @ Adrin ,Thank You for solution,I have created orphan artifact and then applied filter as you said in "ALL" section and applied it ,but I am not getting orphan artifacts,

Adrian Haw commented Jul 23 '18, 5:59 a.m.
Are you in a base artifacts folder when you do this filtering?
Which DOORS NG version do you have?

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Hugh Lippincott (199) | answered Jan 03 '19, 1:09 p.m.

DOORS NG 6.04, Filtered a Collection of base artifacts from multiple folders as specified (see in screenshot)

Popup in screen shot of extracted from links, shows that artifact is in-fact used, but is included in NOT used in.

Hugh Lippincott commented Jan 03 '19, 1:21 p.m.

Screen shot image cannot be included; so I extracted some text:

Filter = Where Used (Modules) is not any of Product 1 VPN Doc (193324), VPN Template Doc

Popup = When used in VPN Template Doc

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