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Create requirements in module or create and then add to module?

Sean F (929) | asked Mar 12 '18, 1:26 p.m.
When authoring requirements in DNG you can create a module (like you do in DOORS) and then add requirements to the module to create the requirements. Or you can create the requirements as artifacts in a Requirements folder and then create the module and add them to the module.
What are the pros and cons of each approach and what is the recommended approach?

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Carol Watson (71015) | answered Mar 12 '18, 5:42 p.m.

 Hi Sean,

Our requirements are written hierarchically, so we find it easier to add the requirements from within the module.  When you create them separately in the artifacts folder, there is no order or hierarchy, so depending on the type of requirements,determining which artifacts to add to the module, and in what order, could be problematic.  The only time we tend to use Insert existing Artifact is if we're embedding a supporting document or existing image in another artifact.

Good luck!


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Carol Watson (71015) | answered Mar 13 '18, 9:28 a.m.


Every artifact you add to a Module also appears in what I refer to as the 'base artifact' folder, which DNG actually creates.  If you 'remove' and artifact from a module, it remains in that base artifact folder.  If you check the 'delete' checkbox when you remove it from a module, it will also delete it from the base artifact folder. When you Delete a Module though, it deletes the entire module and while it leaves the base artifacts folder in place, those base artifacts are deleted too.

Since we are previous DOORS users, where you had an un-delete option, we decided to limit the Delete action to Team Leads and Admins only, just to be safe.  We created a new Role for Team Lead and gave them that Permission, then took it away from from the Authors role.

Hope this helps!


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Sean F (929) | answered Mar 13 '18, 9:19 a.m.
Thanks Carol.
Sounds fair enough.
I was having a play with modules and artifacts and it seems when you create a module it is displayed and behaves as a folder in the artifact explorer folder hierarchy.
I was curious what would happen if I deleted the module containing the requirements. If I do then the module disappears but its folder stays in place and the requirements (and heading artifacts) that were in the module are still in the residual folder that gets left behind after module deletion.

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