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How to create a changeset for the files that appears in the unresolved folder programatically using RTC Java plain API.

Jazzuser user (681050) | asked Mar 08 '18, 1:26 a.m.

Hello All,
I have a usecase wherein i need to delete particular files which is already part of Stream.

Now i have the RTC RepoWorkspace downloaded in my local through code.
I will have my logic to identify the file which has to be deleted.
when I delete that file in the local WS, that will reflect as a change in the Unresolved folder in the pending changes view.

Now through code, is there any way i can identify this deleted file as an object which is part of my Stream/Repo WS and create that changeset and deliver it ?

Are there any APIs to identify and convert the unresolved changes to changesets ? I have the logic for delivering the CSs.

Kindly assist on this. Thanks

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Ian Wark (79713553) | answered Mar 14 '18, 3:52 a.m.

Please check this. I believe this gives the API to find out unresolved changes.

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