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Handling visibility for SCM - Stream/Components

Sascha Gebhardt (1728) | asked Nov 20 '17, 11:29 a.m.
edited Nov 20 '17, 11:32 a.m.

 Hello Everybody,

im about to configure a new Project Area. While doing this i used the basic Team Area/Category rules for the visibility of WI's inside the Area.
Little Example:
I have an internal member in the project area, he can see all items.
I have an external member in Team "Ext", he can only see work Items which are "Filed Against" his team -"Ext".

Everything fine till now.  On the next step i want to use the same visibility handling for components. Unfortunatly i only have the "Owned by"-attribute. Which means:
I have a component "Owned by: Ext". The external can see the component, but my internal user of the project Area can't see the component, since he is not member of the team.

So, am i right that i can only use Access groups to handle this?

Additional Use Case example:

I have my 
"Internal Teams"
"Team Internal A"
"Team internal B"
and my 
"External Teams"
"Team External A"
"team External B"

The internal teams are allowed to see all components. The external teams are only allowed to see the components mapped to their own team. 
No Problem for Wi's since persons which are only added to a team can only see their items. So a workitem filed against "Team External A" is visible for the External team, as well as for the Internal, since they are not only added to the team "Team Internal A" but also added to the Project Area itself.

For Components on the other hand, i dont see any simple solution like that, instead of the access groups. Using the access Groups would mean i have to create a groupe for every External Team in combination with the Project area members.

Am i tottaly wrong? Anny suggestions?

Thank you in advice!

Best Regards,

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Geoffrey Clemm (30.1k33035) | answered Nov 20 '17, 1:06 p.m.

It is true that you do not have the work item external/internal category mapping mechanism for component visibility.

It is also true that the simplest way to provide flexible control of component visibility is through the use of Access Groups.
I know of some customers that have automated the management of their Access Group lists through scripting.

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