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How to trigger a UCD process from RTC after an enterprise (z/OS) package is created?

Louis Lock (3028) | asked Nov 10 '17, 10:53 a.m.

I'm using RTC EE packaging to create a UCD component version in UCD for an z/OS application.  Can I trigger a UCD process as a post package event for z/OS application deployment?  I know that we can do that for non enterprise deployment but not sure if we can do the same for z/OS deployment.  Thanks.

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Louis Lock (3028) | answered Nov 22 '17, 5:01 p.m.

Thanks to Leon Clark (Software Services team) for providing his response separately on this.  One option is to customize the zospackage.xml to include an additional target for launching a ucd process by calling the UCD client (udclient.jar) with the 'requestApplicationProcess' command.  This option works for me but it would be good if there is a feature in the Eclipse client UI which can handle this without additional scripting.  Hope that would be available in the future release.  Thanks.

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Dhinesh Palanisamy (1510) | answered Jun 21 '18, 5:18 a.m.

 Hi Louis,

I'm in the amid of automating the package, once the team build is completed it should trigger the enterprise(zOS)  packaging. Have had come across zospackage.xml script, did you used the zOS dependency build ? how you invoked the zospackage.xml from dependency build or any other specific method is there to trigger package.

Louis Lock commented Jun 21 '18, 10:36 a.m.

Hi Dhinesh, from the description of your scenario, I assume that you are good with your build definition and your package definition and you can run build and packaging separately.  I haven't done any triggering of packaging from the build process.  This discussion thread was originally for triggering a UCD process from the packaging. 

Louis Lock commented Jun 21 '18, 10:36 a.m.

Anyway, let me try to provide my viewpoints.  I don't have a lot of experience on the dependency build options.  We could choose to generate a build file from the language definitions or use an existing build file.  I'm using the option of generated build file and I'm not aware of an option of triggering packaging.  However, it seems to me that it is possible if you use an existing build file.  You could customize your build file to call the package.xml which is the parent build file for zospackage.xml if you want. The question is how much effort you would need to customize and maintain your script files and how much benefits you would get from triggering the packaging.  The way I like RTC dependency build and enterprise packaging is its configuration driven nature instead of highly relying on custom scripting.  Instead of triggering packaging from the build, would you consider the option of scheduled packaging?

Dhinesh Palanisamy commented Jun 22 '18, 8:03 a.m.

 Hi Louis,

Thanks for your idea regarding the Build - using existing build file.while am undergoing the generateBuild.xml  -it's looking for dependency like Macrodef.xml etc., Is there any specific way to customize the existing build file which calls the package.xml ? am novice in area of scripting can't able to figure out how to do and what to do.

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