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Provide the ability to sort of Score column

Nigel Hopper (1032625) | asked Sep 25 '09, 4:55 a.m.

When using a query for a full text search, RTC provides a 'score' that shows how close it believes the result is to the text.

In the Result Layout tab of the query, you have the ability to select Columns to sort on, but the Score Column is not one of them so you always have to manually sort these results by clicking on the top of a column.

I realise that score is only relevant in full text searching, but it would seem to make sense to add it to allow users to create query's that have this set or at least if there is no sort order requests the default is based on a descending Score.

Can this be done already or does it need to be added to the long list of requests? :)

Thanks, Nigel

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