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RTC source control: How to ignore case sensitivity when using scm command

RS SR (112) | asked May 23 '17, 1:09 a.m.
edited May 23 '17, 7:29 a.m.

We have created a source server to get source files from RTC. This source server run over HTTP.

The following commands is run from a backend application for getting source files(Sample file and version used below) and writing it to HTTP response.
lscm get file  -r http://<repository-url> -u <username> -P <pwd>  -b <baseline> 
-c "ComponentName" -f "Folder/InternalFolder/File.cpp" -o c:\temp\rtc\file.txt

Assume component name is "ComponentName" and file name is "Folder/InternalFolder/File.cpp"

We are getting the filename from the debug information (PDB) file generated when building the binaries. 
Everything works fine till this. 

But here is the problem we are facing, filename case (Upper/lower) cannot be predicted when we extract it from PDB (using Microsoft WinDbg tool - srctool), think because in windows filename case doesn’t matter. But RTC requires the filename case to be same as in the repository so the following commands will not work,

lscm get file  -r http://<repository-url> -u <username> -P <pwd>  -b <baseline> 
-c "componentname" -f "folder/internalfolder/file.cpp" -o c:\temp\rtc\file.txt

See that component/filename is in different case.

Is there any lscm command line option that we can use to ignore the case while retrieving the filename/component name? We wouldn’t care much about component name case because we can somehow find out that (may be using a lookup table). 

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