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Can we use tags with the report builder?

Mounir bsaibes (231510) | asked Jan 09 '17, 3:12 p.m.

I am trying to use a report using Artifact type: "Totals trend for work items". But I want the report to be on specific work items that are tagged with a similar tag. Is this possible?

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Kevin Ramer (4.5k6171190) | answered Jan 09 '17, 3:22 p.m.

I see Tags in both the Criteria and Format sections of a JRS work item report, so tag values should be at least visible.

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Theresa Soares (131) | answered Feb 08 '18, 6:34 p.m.

 It appears Tags data is not available in Report Builder even though the Tags attribute appears in the UI. See the enhancement request in:

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