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RTC advisor is not showing in the Precondition

Raj Kapoor (2741925) | asked Nov 21 '16, 11:04 a.m.

1. I followed mentioned url completely-

2, Restarted the services.
3. Clicked on link-
CRJAZ0303I The profile install from "file:ccm/sites/rtc-check-summary-advisor-site" was started at "Mon Nov 21 20:05:15 IST 2016".

CRJAZ0300I This feature is being installed: "rtc_check_summary_advisor_feature_1.0.0.201611211855".
CRJAZ0299I Installing bundle from the URL "file:/C%3a/PROGRA~1/ibm/JAZZTE~1/server/conf/ccm/sites/rtc-check-summary-advisor-site/plugins/rtc-summary-check-advisor_1.0.0.201611211855.jar".

CRJAZ0303I The profile install from "file:ccm/sites/rtc-commons-update-site" was started at "Mon Nov 21 20:05:16 IST 2016".

Still Advisor is not visble under precondition

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Michele Pegoraro (1.8k12110101) | answered Nov 22 '16, 4:26 a.m.
If the extension works on debug mode on a jetty instance, this problem is usually caused by one of these problems:
- wrong operationId
- not actually deployed (the provision status does not shown your plugin loaded correctly)
- eclipse client not restarted after the reboot of jazz platform


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Ralph Schoon (56.8k23642) | answered Nov 21 '16, 11:40 a.m.
 No way anyone can tell what it wrong. It is definitely a deployment problem. My hint: follow especially the Rational Team Concert Extensions Workshop. Test your extension runs on Jetty and then try to package it to deploy it. 

You also want to request a server reset .

Last word: Don't install any Jazz Server products into Program Files.

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