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Can we find out how many RTC logins via webUI?

long TRUONG (3654121147) | asked Sep 15 '16, 7:52 p.m.
 As per Forum Post #139622 we can read # of logins per Eclipse client version with below URLs:

Can we read # of webUI logins from the same infos displayed via those URLs? If so what header it would be under? If not then how?

long TRUONG commented Sep 15 '16, 8:02 p.m.

 These seem to be distinct logins? 

Can we find out # logins per a period of time, via Eclipse clients vs webUI?
Or alternately elapse time of access (or of issued license) via Eclipse clients vs webUI?

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long TRUONG (3654121147) | answered Jan 13 '17, 12:13 p.m.

 I think this should work for a good approximation of UI logins at a certain time:

  • Get the number of logins from Eclipse clients as per  Forum Post #139622 with the corresponding timestamp
  • Get the list of leased out licenses' owners.
  • Subtract the Eclipse logins from the number of leased out licenses at the same point in time
  • Caveats:
    • Each floating license lease is recorded with start and expiry time & date in a csv file: Can we find out how many fixed licenses being used at a certain time. What about token licenses.
    • Can we count the logins from Visual Studio clients too?

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