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Can not delete the processDefination of template, if ProjectArea and template Name are same.

ast java (45944) | asked Sep 02 '16, 8:27 a.m.
Hi Team,

I am trying to deleting the processDefination of the template if its already existing and then i will re-create the defination and export the projectArea. But, if ProjectArea name and template name are same , then it fails to deletes the processDefination with below exception( That template is not referred with any other project Area). Process template referenced by existing project area 'Applarchteam_Test999'
Below is the code template
if (this.service instanceof ProcessClientService) {
        IProcessDefinition old =
            ((ProcessClientService) this.service).findProcessDefinition(this.rtcProjectAreaName.toLowerCase(),
                null, this.monitor);
        if(null != old){
        ((ProcessClientService) this.service).delete(old, true, monitor);  ----> this is where the exception is throwed
          definition =
              ((ProcessClientService) this.service).createProcessDefinitionFromProjectArea(projectAreaHandle,
                  this.rtcProjectAreaName, this.rtcProjectAreaName.toLowerCase(), "", this.monitor);
                   //API to export

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