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[RTC] How to deliver component addition/subtraction from WS to Stream using Java API?

Tuan Nguyen Minh (691121) | asked Jul 19 '16, 10:24 p.m.
edited Jul 25 '16, 4:21 p.m. by David Lafreniere (4.8k7)
Using RTC Eclipse client, when delivering changes, user will get notified if there is component addition/subtraction and provided options to deliver it.
Is this possible with RTC Java plain API? To deliver the component addition/subtraction without explicitly add/remove component in target stream?

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Ralph Schoon (62.0k33643) | answered Jul 23 '16, 10:40 a.m.
If you want to know, I would consider to look into the RTC Eclipse client Code in the SDK. Otherwise I would assume you just add the component.
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