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Plan Views how are they changed at Project and Team Level?

Matt Muller (58312863) | asked Jun 13 '16, 9:12 a.m.


Good afternoon

I'm working with RTC 4.0.7 and have an existing Project Area - Created from a standard Scrum / Agile Template.  This project has been used for some time and we now have 4 new Agile Teams working in this Project.

My question is about the Plan View and how it's changed at some level that then becomes a default for all?

Example - Taskboard:  At some time this has been changed / Edited and now every other team using the "Taskboard" gets the Edited version and not the out of the box?.

So how are the Plan views linked? and which / where do you edit the master configuration for a plan view.

In the Plan Types - Against Sprint Backlog [custom]   (I seem to have a Custom config?)

- Linked to that Plan Type I have the standard "Taskboard"  (

- I see that in the Plan Views as the original ref: Taskboard and loads of Custom Taskboards.

Does the Checkbox - Final (ignore Customization of this data in Child Project Areas) on either of the Plan Types and Plan Views change how this Plan works for Teams?

I can't find the "Master - Default" for the plan view ?  or understand which of the custom views is used when you created a new Plan "sprint Backlog">?

Can anyone help please?

Matt Muller

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Elisabeth Carbone (616108) | answered Jun 14 '16, 8:09 a.m.
 Hello Matt,
In the process configuration of a Project Area you can see your Plan types and what plan views are associated.
Project Configuration - Configuration Data - Planning - Plan types.
When you edit a Plan type here you get a custom plan type. You mainly can add or remove Plan views here.

Under Plan views you can see the plan views with the Ids you have in the Project Area. Note that you can have different plan views with the same name but different ids.

When you edit a plan view in a plan you edit the plan view itself. All Plan types that contain this plan view with the same id are changed. 

If you would like to change the plan view just for one team you have to create a new view or you can duplicate an existing one. 

The checkbox Final (ignore Customization of this data in Child Project Areas) is used for process sharing. If you have a master Project Area other Project Areas can inherit this process. Then you can use this checkbox so that the properties are not customizable in the Project Areas that inherit the process. You can read more about procss sharing here:

Hope this helps,

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