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Make HTTP calls through Calculated Values [RTC 6.0.1]

Abhishek Kumar (49722) | asked May 27 '16, 6:47 a.m.
 Hello Everyone,

We have hosted a XML file in a WAS server say : https://servername/extension/costCollector.xml
Now we need to access this data through Script Based Calculated Values. 

According to there is a possibility to make HTTP calls and get value sets for enumeration.

if we see the structure of valueSet function:

 getFilteredValueSet: function(attributeId, workItem, context, filter) {
And now comparing it with the function of getValue of Script based calculated value
 getValue: function(attribute, workItem, configuration) { //.. }
we see that the context parameter is missing which is used to get the data connector.

is there any way of making HTTP Requests through Calculated values as the same way we make HTTP requests in FilteredValueSet?


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Ralph Schoon (63.1k33646) | answered May 30 '16, 3:04 a.m.
I think I have tried that and I was not able to access the HTTP filtered value set from a calculated value.
Jorge describes the API: but I got that to work only in value sets as far as I can remember.
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