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Performance Issue of a JAR with Java 1.8

Seema Murthy (113) | asked May 17 '16, 5:20 a.m.
Hello All,

There is a tool which we have developed using RTC libraries 6.0.1. We created a jar from this tool, which runs fine for Java version 1.7, in a time of about 2mins. If I run the same jar with Java version 1.8, then the performance is very poor taking about 15mins.
Any idea on how to resolve this performance issue.


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Ralph Schoon (61.8k33643) | answered May 17 '16, 5:37 a.m.
 This has been reported for other versions as well

I can't find the one discussion around the 6.x versions. In general my suggestion would be to
- Open a PMR/Defect for the medium term

Use the Java version that ships with RTC if at all possible. 

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