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How to reproduce this scenario CRJAZ1319E Read access is not permitted

Bharat Malge (2131830) | asked Apr 27 '16, 1:36 a.m.
Hello Team,

We want to produce this error - CRJAZ1319E Read access is not permitted. The user, XXXX, tried to read one or more items that have the following type: WorkItem
How can we do this?
Details of this Scenario : There are two streams, Stream A & B, components of stream A are shared with Stream B and we compare snapshot of Stream A & B
User is not getting this error while snapshot comparison but when user is comparing the baseline it gives this exception(comparing baselines and snapshots using java client API's).


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Bharat Malge (2131830) | answered Apr 30 '16, 12:58 a.m.

I have reproduce this scenario by which we are getting the following exception.
Scenario : Project Area 1 : PA1 ; Project Area 2 : PA2 ; Development Stream : “Stream_Dev_PA2”  ;  Integration Stream : “Stream_Int_PA2” in Project area PA2.

Users : 1) “bharat” with JazzAdmin privileges and  2) “testjazzuser2” with Jazzuser.Work Item say “ XXX ” created in project area PA1 , Now user “testjazzuser2” created the repository workspace “Stream_Dev_PA2_Workspace”  and he delivers the change set by associating the work item “ XXX ” which was created in the PA1,

If administrator “bharat” removes the Access Control from PA1 by selecting “ No one (repository administrator only)”, then only repository administrator will able to read that work item “XXX”

Summary : If particular tries to access work item from different project area where he don’t have the repository administrator privileges (JazzAdmin) or user does not belongs to access group. 

Solution : To avoid this exception we can use “users in the access list only” option as shown below


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