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Configure linking schema in NG as per DOORS 9? Coming in next version?

Adrian Haw (250435) | asked Oct 20 '15, 4:02 a.m.
Is it possible to define linking in DOORS NG as per DOORS 9? What I'm looking for is to remove the out-of-the-box linking setup in DOORS NG and impose our own company standard - eg artifacts in module 'A' can only link to artifacts in module 'B' and the link relation is of type 'AtoB'.  I assume that I can also follow a link from A to B also in reverse, i.e. from B to A without having a 'mirror' link in place using link relation 'BtoA'?

Note: this was discussed in this thread

However, it is not clear to me if in the next release of NG it will be possible to restrict not only limits on how artifacts can be linked but also on how artifacts within modules may be linked - we must be able to restrict on module level so that our traceability schema is enforced and we get a clean relation between scopes, otherwise writers could link from 1 project module to any other project module (as long as artifact types within the module matched and link relation rules) and we get spaghetti.

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