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Need to create combine detail report for different work item types in RTC

Sajjad Ali Khan (314152) | asked Aug 29 '15, 5:24 a.m.
I have a requirement to create customize Change request work item in RTC which has a conditional workflow, i have 4 type of Change Requests (like: Global, local etc) and on the basis of specific conditions i need to enable different workflow for each Change Request, my conditions are very complex if i'll got with conditional workflow then i need to develop plug-ins ti implement those conditions on my workflow but as far as i know RTC by default doesn't support conditional workflow, RTC workflow is State base.

So just to avoid developing plug-in i have decided to make 4 separate workflows for each Change Request type now the question is, will RTC provide me to create detail report containing the information of all 4 change request types work item ? OR it will only create report for single work item type at a time.

I report i need to see complete details information about each change request like how many are in pending, how many are in competed with respect to their types

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Donald Nong (14.5k414) | answered Aug 30 '15, 11:10 p.m.
Depending how heavy you customize the work item types, I doubt the built-in reports will suit your need any more. In any case, you'd better develop your own reports. See the below articles for more details.

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