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Error during upload - contents do not match the encoding

Brian Gillan (3215330) | asked Jul 01 '09, 4:46 p.m.
I'm trying to share a project with 1000's of files. Checkin fails with:
Error during upload File foo.htm has character encoding Cp1252 but the
contents do not match the encoding. Change the encoding of the file or
the default for the project. Input length = 1

This typically occurs with license files in Asian language encodings, or
html or xml files with Asian characters.

I locate the file in the workspace, determine what encoding it should be
and change the file properties to match and try checkin again, only to
have it fail n another file. Proceeding in this way is rather tedious,
and it looks like I have MANY instances I need to account for.

Is there any way to:

1. Have the checkin continue for files which do not have encoding
problems, so the only unresolved changes I end up with are those that
need to be fixed?

2. Any kind of tool that I can use to scan ahead of time to locate the
files that will need properties adjusted before I attempt checkin.

Thanks, Brian

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