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After you link an asset in RAM to a test plan in RQM, is there anywhere in RQM that you can see that the link exists?

Janet Charbonneau (851034) | asked Mar 11 '15, 12:02 p.m.

I have successfully created a link in an asset in RAM that links to a test plan in RQM.  I do not see anywhere in that test plan where you can see it is linked to an asset.  How do you know from RQM that a test plan is linked to an asset?

When I link from RAM to RTC, it creates a link under the Links tab in RTC using the Related Artifacts link type, so I can see a link exists from that work item to an asset in RAM.  I am not seeing the same functionality in the RAM to RQM link.

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Paul Slauenwhite (8.3k12) | answered Mar 16 '15, 10:27 a.m.
RAM is a OSLC Asset Management (AM) service provider (see  However, RQM is not a consumer of OSLC AM service providers (see  As such, RQM --> CLM links are only one-way.

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