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team.udeploy properties - Can we override them?

Brian DiCola (29311415) | asked Jan 26 '15, 2:49 p.m.
I am on the look out for how to parameterize the settings available in the post-build deploy section of the build definition.  I have an RTC build definition referencing an UrbanCode Deploy server in the Post-build Delivery tab.

Use case:  A developer wants a personal build, but doesn't want to deploy to environment A, but to environment B, or to no environment at all.

Is there a property that he can override at build time to affect this?  Are there other properties for all of the other settings on this tab?  I'd be looking to change something like team.udeploy.environment.

Setting team.udeploy.debug=true and running a build you get to see lots of properties.

team.udeploy.enabled: true
team.udeploy.triggerPolicy: NO_WARNINGS
team.udeploy.abortOnIncompleteActivityEnabled: false
team.udeploy.serverURI: ******
team.udeploy.passwordType: PASSWORD_FILE
team.udeploy.password: ********
team.udeploy.passwordFile: /apps/jazz/buildcred.txt
team.udeploy.component: mavenexamples
team.udeploy.version: 20150126-1434
team.udeploy.baseDirectory: MavenLoadDir/demo/target
team.udeploy.includeFiles: [demo-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar]
team.udeploy.excludeFiles: [] {snapshotUUID=${team.scm.SnapshotUUID}}
team.udeploy.links: {}
team.udeploy.deployEnabled: true
team.udeploy.application: maven example
team.udeploy.environment: POC
team.udeploy.process: Deploy maven example process

Do we get to override any of these besides debug and timeout?  Is there a reference to all that we can change?

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