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How do I log the load repository step in a build on build engine

Alan Heath (2611) | asked Jan 23 '15, 7:24 a.m.
I have step up a build engine and a build definition which deletes the destination folder for the build then loads a repository then runs an ant script. This all works fine.
On the Build Results there is an Activity that shows an Activity of "Fetching files" and a duration but no other information.
I would like the ability to log the load repository step with more detail as sometimes this happens very slowly
such as loading component1 duration 3 mins.

How do I do this?

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Krishna Kishore (50112) | answered Jan 23 '15, 11:19 a.m.
edited Jan 23 '15, 11:20 a.m.
 Hi Alan,

The load workspace activity is logged as a single activity and Its currently not possible to sub-divide it to log for each component.


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