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DOORS NG bulk attribute type changes

Peter Morgenthaler (102815) | asked Jan 13 '15, 11:25 p.m.
Is there an easy way to bulk changes to types in DOORS NG 5.0.2.

We will be REQIF imports to DOORS NG and these imports will have some 3000 objects per module so manually changing their types 100 elements at a time through the GUI is not practical. I would assume that it could be done with an extension however can not see how for the moment.

Any assistance appreciated


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Donat Hutter (2153539) | answered Jan 14 '15, 9:14 a.m.
Here a proposal:
1) create a view from the imported artifacts (e.g. filter by Folder, ...)
2) in the views context menu you can create a collection
3) then you can use an extension, which allows to get all artifacts from a collection (or module): RM.Data.getContentsAttributes

function processAllArtifacts(attribute-to-change, new_vlue) {
// array of attributes to manipulate
var attributes = [RM.Data.Attributes.IDENTIFIER];
// get current module or collection
RM.Client.getCurrentArtifact(function(collectionResult) {
if (collectionResult.code === RM.OperationResult.OPERATION_OK) {
var artifactType =[RM.Data.Attributes.FORMAT];
if ((artifactType === RM.Data.Formats.MODULE) || (artifactType === RM.Data.Formats.COLLECTION))  {
var collectionRef =;
// read attributes of all items in collection
RM.Data.getContentsAttributes(collectionRef, attributes, function(opResult) {
if (opResult.code === RM.OperationResult.OPERATION_OK) {
processAttributes(opResult, attrObj);
} else {
// error: other type
} else {
// collectionResult.message

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