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What is the right way to branch and then merge?

David Wood (1968) | asked Jan 08 '15, 11:20 a.m.
I have a existing project in which we'd like to start doing some side work, some of which would then need to go back into the main 'release' project.   Initially l attempted this by making a copy of the stream containing the project, but I've been told this is not the way to go.  What is the recommended way to branch and then merge a project?  Specific instructions for Eclipse with RTC 3013_p2 plugins would be most appreciated?  Thanks.

P.S - I've seen, but can you provide more specifics?  I.e. what views/menu options to use?  Thanks.

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Robert Wen (690212) | answered Jan 08 '15, 1:03 p.m.
This should work on RTC 3.0.1.  Later versions of RTC have stream-to-stream operations.

1. Create a stream which will contain all the development for the side-work.  This stream will best be created from a snapshot of your main release stream as suggested by your linked forum post.

To create a snapshot, go to your main release stream in Team Artifacts View->Project->Source Control, right-click, and select New->Snapshot. 

Once your snapshot is created, you can use it to create your side-work stream by Showing the Snapshot (right click on the stream in the Team Artifacts view, select Show->Snapshots).  In the Search view, select the snapshot, right-click, and select New->Stream from Snapshot.

2. Develop on your side-work stream.

3. When you are ready to merge back to your main release stream, take a repository workspace that is tied to your side-work stream, first making sure that all change sets have been accepted, and change its flow target by going to the Pending Changes view, right-clicking on the repository workspace, and selecting Change Flow Target.  Once the repository workspace is changed, merge all the incoming and outgoing change sets and deliver the side work.

Hope this helps.

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