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Requirements gathering / intgration w requirement tooling?

Jason Mannering (61) | asked Oct 23 '07, 4:59 p.m.
I am new to JAZZ, but in looking at the current features, I can't seem to find an obvious approach to capturing Use Cases, User Stories etc which will later evolve into multiple tasks/work items. Is there something I am missing or are these more granular requirements meant to be captured and managed elsewhere and referenced somehow?

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Tobias Widmer (761) | answered Nov 23 '07, 4:37 a.m.
There will be some light-weight user story planning support added in M4 (Beta 2), which can be used to capture use
cases/user stories. User stories will be custom work item types with additional support to estimate complexity and features to measure progress.

The iteraton plan editor will provide first-class support for user stories and the user story support will be fully customizable in the process specification.

Stay tuned and read the New & Noteworthy of the upcoming M4/Beta 2 builds.


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