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Using REST Calls for XML/ATOM versus OSLC 2.0

Tracy Howard (111) | asked Oct 31 '14, 3:50 p.m.

Trying to explore the use of either of these methods to interact with CQ externally.

Currently we have been using Perl scripts or CGI scripts and the CQ API. We have used this method for 8-9 years and it has served us well other than it takes quite a whie to establish a connection each time and log in.

But we have read about the REST and also OSLC ability to interact. Via the CQ UI we have enabled REST Calls for XML/ATOM and I get generate a URL via the url to return a record. Is there anything we need to do to enable OSLC?

Also from what I am seeing the REST URL is different that the OSLC one is that right?

Really struggling just getting started with these 2. Can anyone point us in the right direction so we can at least get started?

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Jean-Luc Johnson (8125) | answered Oct 31 '14, 5:09 p.m.
I have never used CQ but I'm very familiar with OSLC with Doors NG, RTC or Design Manager. So I will try to provide you with a beginning of answer.
Your question took me to .

I read:
REST is an architectural style where

  • Resources have URIs.
  • Resources have different representations.
  • Resources can be changed using these representations.
Atom/xml seems to be also available as one of the OSLC resource formats along with rdf/xml and json. In other words, you should be eable to use the same CQ OSLC API  to output different data formats.

Sorry I cannot tell how to configure the OSLC interface with CQ but I hope my reply helps to clarify the OSLC concepts.
Good luck

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