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Can rtc be used for documentation review?

Lukasz Cmielowski (11) | asked Mar 30 '09, 6:04 a.m.
The question is how the rtc can be used for documentation review?
Instead of having a separate tool only for docs review it would be really great to have all in one = rtc.

Right now the team is using a separate tool only for docs review which provides the following functionalities:
- easly importing/publishing documentation
- adding the required and optional reviewers
- allowing to add comment in apprpriate section of available/published document
- creation of statistics: number of found issues/per published document / per reviewer
- marking the part of document as read

If there is any way to use the rtc for such purposes or any other tool from jazz group - I will really appreciate such information.

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Alexander Kofman (2663) | answered Mar 30 '09, 10:09 a.m.
You might find this interesting:

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