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Getting Started in Extending Jazz RTC 1.0

Todd Lainhart (40611) | asked Mar 25 '09, 11:55 a.m.
post contributed by Samit Mehta, IBM Rational Business Development]

Initial Development Environment Setup
You can start with the following to get your environment set up for development:

Depending on the type of extensions, you may also need to set up your Jazz Server for development/debugging server extensions. You can get details to set that up from the following:

RTC 1.x.x.x SDK

There is no official/stable SDK for RTC. However, there are some customization capabilities. Also, there are some programmatic extension capabilities that are maintained to be stable at least for the 1.x.x.x release and may only change to address a significant issue. The details on the customization capabilities and the programmatic extensions are at:

RTC Online Help

Process and Work Item customization
There are links to customizing the process and work items in the RTC SDK page. I presume that this is what you meant by "updating the XMLs". I am pasting these links below:

Process Customization (e.g. setting up out-of-the-box or custom preconditions, follow-up actions, and work item customization):

However the easiest way to customize the process and work items are through the editors in the RTC client:
Work Item customization:
Process customization:

Programmatic access / customization of Work Items
As described in the RTC SDK, you can find some details on Programming interfaces for Work Items in the following locations:

Programmatic Work Item Creation:
Programmatic Query of Work Items:

Preconditions and Followup Actions

A very powerful capability to impact the process including process for Work Items is via preconditions and followup actions. You can find a lot of details around that here:

Deploying to the Jazz server

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