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Ant task: waitForTeamBuild on Abandoned build

Cristian Gheorghe (122) | asked Nov 26 '13, 6:34 p.m.
 Hi there:

Using requestTeamBuild coupled with waitForTeamBuild to start and get status on builds.

Within the context of waitForTeamBuild, I am setting buildStatusProperty and subsequently checking the value of it. If it is *not* OK, then I fail the build. Which is working fine when the build is either Successful or Failed.

However, if I abandon the build (from RTC GUI), buildStatusProperty still gets set to 'OK', with the end result of marking the build as successful (meaning there's no difference between a completed/successful build and an Abandoned build). We've just implemented RRDI reporting and the nightly build results are parsed and cataloged and compared side by side with the Deployment status--at the moment things appear as if we have a Successful build which has not been Deployed, contributing to Management raising eyebrows. I can not have an Abandoned build (which is incomplete, at the very least) show up as 'Successful'. 

The documentation for waitForTeamBuild states the following regarding buildStatusProperty: "The property gets assigned the status of the build, where the value is one of OK, INFO, WARNING, or ERROR.".

My logic for failing the build if buildStatusProperty is *NOT* OK is:
<fail message="MDM.TO_mdmbld_Java_vNext build has failed">
<condition> <not>
<equals arg1="${JavaBuildStatus}" arg2="OK" />
</not> </condition>

I am thinking an Abandoned build should set the property of buildStatusProperty to "WARNING" and not "OK".

Many thanks,

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