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Question about how Called Programs are handled in z/OS Dependency Builds

Alex Akilov (1211924) | asked Nov 12 '13, 1:38 p.m.
edited Nov 12 '13, 1:39 p.m.

Program A calls Program B (which is statically linked to Program A).
When Program A was last built, the OBJ for Program B was in the build path but Program B's OBJ may have been rebuilt since Program A was last built.
The current process does not require Program A to be rebuilt if Program B was rebuilt but the OBJ for Program B that was used at the time Program A was built isn't preserved and is overlaid the next time Program B is rebuilt.
If RTC attempts to use the linkage information it will detect that Program B has been rebuilt after Program A was last built and may want to rebuild Program A.
This is not desired since rebuilding Program A will require it to be retested.
Does RTC allow you to handle this case without requiring Program A to be rebuilt?

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Hung Lam (2911915) | answered Jan 06 '14, 1:28 p.m.
 Hi Alex,
The statically linkage support added in 4.0.3 requires that you have to manually turn on "link-edit" in your translator. This tells us to run a post-parser BLZLKEPS to collect the static call dependencies.  So if you do not check "link-edit" in the translator editor, then the dependencies between A and B are not collected and therefore A will not be rebuilt in your case.  Hope that helps.
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