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Cannot create sandbox: problem running daemon start

Arvind Kumar (1611) | asked Sep 12 '13, 6:16 p.m.
Trying to create a sandbox using Visual Studio and RTC4.0.1 (IBM Rational Team Concert Version: 4.0.1HF254368 Build: I4.0.1HF254368_20130306-1346). Getting the following error: reinstalling RTC for VS makes no difference.

09/12/2013 13:14:42 UiUtils: Load Repository: Can not create sandbox at given location., Can not create sandbox at given location. ---> Starting the SCM daemon (C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational Team Concert Client for Microsoft Visual Studio IDE\3rd Party\scmtools\eclipse\scm.exe) on c:\Sandboxes\8.0Sandbox returned error: Sandbox(es) locked by an unknown process.
Problem running 'daemon start':
Failed to lock all sandboxes. Could not lock "Status ERROR: code=0 Cannot create sandbox at C:/Sandboxes/8.0Sandbox because one already exists at C:/Sandboxes null".

Marek Siekierski commented Sep 12 '13, 6:40 p.m.

Hi Arvind,

Do you have any other clients or processes running that are accessing the same sandbox? 

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Arvind Kumar (1611) | answered Sep 12 '13, 6:57 p.m.
No other clients or processes. PC restart, RTC for VS reinstall didn't help.

Local expert found and fixed the problem: I had launched a previous sandbox creation step, then aborted it by killing VS from Task Manager. This had created and left a .jazz5 directory in my sandbox folder. Removing that .jazz5 folder fixed the issue. The error msg is very confusing. Took about 4 hours to resolve it.

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