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Trouble Connecting to RAM Repository via Java Client API

Chris Lattanzi (1324) | asked Jun 28 '13, 3:02 p.m.

My RAM repository is located on a secure DOD server and I can access the RAM web service at https://server/  However, the extensions page lists my repository URL as http://server:9080/  I'm trying to use the RAM client API to connect to the repository via a Java program using the following code:

RAMSession mySession =   new RAMSession(https://server/,"","");

When I execute the code, I get a runtime exception stating that I'm using the wrong repository and that I should be using the repository listed on the extensions page, http://server:9080/, which is incorrect.  In fact, none of the links on the extensions page work.  I have to manually type the link into the browser and change the protocol to https and remove the port number in order to download anything from the extensions page.  Is there some configuration file that I need to change to make the links on the extensions page point to the correct repository and get the RAMSession object to connect to the correct repository?

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Sheehan Anderson (1.2k4) | answered Jun 30 '13, 11:03 p.m.
You need to log in on the web interface with the administrator account and navigate to Administration -> Configuration. You will see settings for the web server path and web services path. These should be set to https://server/ram and https://server/ to resolve the issues you are seeing. There's also a setting for the help path on that page that you may need to correct.
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