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Versions of Subversion Supported by RTC

Gary Mullen-Schultz (28725536) | asked May 22 '13, 6:48 p.m.
Is there a list of SVN dump file versions supported for import into RTC?

How about SVN versions supported by the bridge?  Is it anything that simply supports either a Subversive or Subclipse client inside the RTC Eclipse shell?

Thanks, Gary

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Tim Mok (6.6k38) | answered May 23 '13, 9:29 a.m.
Dump format versions previous to 3 are supported. Version 3 is a delta dump file that cannot be imported by RTC's SVN importer.
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Gary Mullen-Schultz commented May 23 '13, 9:32 a.m.

Thanks for your help!

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Krzysztof Kaźmierczyk (7.4k35499) | answered May 23 '13, 5:04 a.m.
Hello Gary,
There is no such information in the documentation. I have created new task to fill this gap:

Gary Mullen-Schultz commented May 23 '13, 7:55 a.m. | edited May 23 '13, 9:27 a.m.


That's great, thanks. 

In the meantime - does anyone know the answer?  A customer is asking...

Thanks, Gary

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